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One Heart Aircon has been in the cleaning industry for 10 years. At One Heart Aircon Services, we provide affordable and reliable aircon services in Singapore. With the excellent service provided by knowledgeable and experienced aircon servicing technicians in Singapore, it has indeed earned a great reputation in the aircon industry.

At One Heart Aircon Services, our motto is to provide people with clean quality air from their air conditioner.
Whether it’s at work or home, most people rely on air conditioners to live and work comfortably in Singapore due to the hot and humid weather all year round. With regular air maintenance and servicing by professional Singapore technicians, you will most definitely be able to reduce any possible breakdowns and prolong the life span of your air conditioner.

Trusted Cooling Contractor
Since 2008

We have over 10 years
experience in the air conditioning

Experience Colder Cleaner air, Quieter aircon and Lower monthly
bills from our different services. Many of us presume air con servicing
is expensive, without periodic maintenance air conditioner will need
to work doubly hard to produce cool air. This will increase in
consumers electricity bill.


Keep your clothes and apparels FRESH and CLEAN at affordable prices.


Our professional team of cleaners will make your home sparkling clean.


Reliable, Honest moving service at affordable price

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