Aircon Chemical Wash Price

Just like any other equipment, machines like the air conditioner also undergo wear and tear over a period of time. Not regularly servicing your aircon can result in the build of dusts, bacteria, mould and all kinds of gunk in your air conditioner. The accumulated dust and dirt will require your aircon to work even harder to provide you with a comfortable temperature, which eventually results in having to adjust the thermostat, decreasing energy efficiency of the aircon. This will then lead to cleaning your aircon with a chemical wash.

How does aircon chemical wash work?

To eliminate all the accumulated dust, it is recommended for you to get an aircon chemical wash Singapore. Aircon chemical wash price can be expensive for some people but the benefits of its goes a long way. With chemical wash, the aircon technician will dismantle your system and clean the aircon filter and its components thoroughly, eliminating dusts and toxins that has accumulated in your unit.

After the thorough wash, your aircon flow will be smoother, giving off fresher and cleaner air as well as requiring lesser power. You can maintain this with regular aircon servicing and maintenance every 3 months if you use your aircon on a daily basis.

Is aircon chemical wash really necessary?

Aircon chemical wash becomes necessary when your aircon is not giving out the cooling air that it used to, or you have suddenly notice a hike in your electric bills. Save your aircon and utility bills with Oneheartaircon!

Singapore best aircon chemical Wash price

As the aircon chemical wash price can be really expensive, it is recommended that you do a thorough research and comparison on the many options available. We can assure you that at Oneheartaircon, we offer Singapore best aircon chemical wash price. Call our friendly consultant at + 65 8690 1810 for more information today.