Aircon Installation Singapore

Most of us enjoy living and working under the aircon to stay comfortable, especially when you’re living in a tropical climate country like Singapore. If you just bought an air conditioner for your home or at work, it’s important to get it installed by a professional aircon technician to ensure that it is properly installed and it follows the HDB guidelines.

However, with all the various aircon companies available, most of us get easily confused with the different types of aircon installation and services available.

Aircon Installation Singapore Price

Different Aircon Installation companies in Singapore offer different Aircon Installation Singapore Price. Hence, we advise you to do a thorough research on their prices and do a comparison. You can also read reviews on their Aircon Installation services on Facebook or Google to get a better informed choice.

Factors such as the type of air conditioner, wiring works and the complexity to install the air conditioner are taken into account before companies determine the Aircon Installation Singapore price.

We have the best Aircon Installation Singapore price

If you’re looking for a professional aircon installation company, One Heart Aircon provides a varied range of aircon services, including offering the best Aircon Installation Singapore price! This also includes ensuring that your aircon is professionally installed safely for the safety of everyone in the household or at work.

Our customer centric aircon technicians are committed to delivering excellent service to our customers, as well as building great relationships with them. With our deep knowledge in the aircon industry, sharing aircon tips that can help prolong your air conditioner to save on repairmen costs, as well as providing you with fresh and cleaner air is what we pledge ourselves to do.

Is it possible to install aircon without Aircon Installation Singapore experts’ help?

It is not possible to install your own air conditioner without a technician’s help. HDB owners are required to follow the HDB aircon installation guidelines which requires a BCA trained aircon installer to do the installation for you. Aircon Installation Singapore process requires an expert who’s experienced and knowledgeable in installing the aircon safety, which involves a lot of wiring and ductworks that can be dangerous if not installed properly.

Call One heart aircon if you’re looking for a reliable Aircon Installation Singapore technician at a competitive price!