Replace air conditioner Singapore?

If you’ve been noticing that your air conditioner is not cooling enough, causing water leakage and keeps switching off on it’s own, its probably a sign that your air con unit needs some fixing. However, some may think that it is time to completely replace their air conditioner at home or in commercial spaces.

When do you need to replace your air conditioner?

While there can be many factors that cause your aircon meltdowns, the root of the problem is usually due to neglecting regular aircon servicing. Bad up-keeping of your aircon leads to dusts and dirt in your aircon filters to accumulate, which in turn causes damage to your internal aircon components.

If you’re facing an aircon breakdown, we recommend that you call a professional aircon technician Singapore to inspect and diagnose your aircon problem first. The professional technician will then advise whether you need to get any component of the aircon unit replaced. Otherwise, he can fix or do a thorough cleaning for you to get your aircon running at its optimum again. If your air conditioner is permanently damaged, then you can get the whole aircon unit replaced. This can save you a lot of cost.

Get damaged aircon replaced by professional Air conditioner Singapore Company

If you’re looking for a professional Air conditioner Singapore company, our professional team at Oneheartaircon provides the best aircon services at an affordable price. Our aircon technicians are experienced and trained in the aircon industry. We will ensure to inspect your air conditioner thoroughly before diagnosing the problem. Our team has handled all kinds of aircon problems including water leakage, overheating, air not cooling enough and permanent aircon damages.

We are committed to delivering not only excellent customer service, but also in ensuring that our aircon procedures are swift and made easy for our customers as we restore their cooling air in their homes or at work.