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Experience Colder Cleaner air, Quieter aircon and Lower monthly bills from our different services. Many of us presume air con servicing is expensive, without periodic maintenance air conditioner will need to work doubly hard to produce cool air. This will increase in consumers electricity bill.

At One Heart Aircon Services we aim to help customers think differently with our comprehensive packages.

  • Aircon servicing and repair which includes
  • Normal air con service
  • Steaming of air conditioners (kills 99% of bacteria hiding in your unit)
  • chemical service,
  • chemical overhaul,
  • Air Con repair and maintenance.

We can provide expert Aircon Services available to you 365 days a year for Air Conditioner needs.

Do our part for the environment

Air conditioners may cause some harm for the environment, mainly through energy use and CFCs. If air conditioners are not properly maintained this can lead to cause some negative health effects as well. Air conditioner leaks not only result in your ac no longer cooling, but also release the ozone harming chemicals into the air.

3 Simple Reasons why Servicing your Air Con is important?



An air conditioner collects dirt and dust not just in the months when it is running, but continuously as it sits throughout the year. Ensure you are always breathing clean and healthy air so that you don’t interfere with your health.


Improve efficiency and save electricity

Simple things like replacing a dirty and clogged air filter can reduce your energy consumption by 5 to 15 percent. Air Con works harder to produce cool air, which increases your utility bill. Reduce your bills with regular servicing now.


Foul Mouldy Smell

Foul Odours from your aircon? Reason is mould, bacteria, or other organisms are building up in your Air Con. Engaged One Heart Air Con Services immediately if foul smell is coming out of your air conditioner. A chemical wash will be required to get rid of the bacteria and odour and also prevention of unwanted bacteria building up in the future.

Other Services

One Heart Aircon Services we have a series of comprehensive cleaning services.

  • Aircon Servicing and Repair
  • Aircon Cleaning
  • Aircon Maintenance
  • Home and Commercial Cleaning
  • On-Site Steaming
  • Marble Care
  • Laundry / Dry Cleaning

From Residential & Commercial Laundry and Residential & Commercial professional Cleaning.

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